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Biaxin abbott
By adjusting the dose of drug interactions If co-administration with atazanavir, it reduces the dose [help please contact Drug interactions (7)] 50% Biaksin. Dose adjustment for other drugs that can be administered in conjunction with Biaxin be recommended drug interactions with reason [see Drug interactions (7)]. Reconstruction Biaksin granules Supply Biaksin granules must be reconstituted with water in suspension for oral administration Biaxin before. Table 3 below shows that the addition of water during the reconstruction. To re-configuration: Half of the water added to the bottle containing Biaksin granules, and vigorously shaken. You do look to add the remaining water in the bottle. Please shake well before each use. After stirring, and kept at 15 ~ 30 ° C (59 ° ~ 86 F), use within 14 days. Please do not refrigerate.
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