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Clarithromycin cost
Clarithromycin cost Like most of the bacteria in their environment, Helicobacter pylori biofilm forms on the gastric mucosa, which may partly explain its high resistance to many antibiotics. Clarithromycin has the ability to destroy the bacterial biofilm matrix, thereby significantly increasing its permeability to other antibacterial agents (Maiev IV and others.). The order of reception and dose of clarithromycin Clarithromycin cost Klatsid CP (clarithromycin) in the treatment of other non-Helicobacter pylori infection when administered to patients over 12 years of single dose of 0.25-1 g, frequency of admission - 2 times a day. For children, the daily dose of 15 mg per kg body weight per day in 2 divided doses. The duration of treatment depends on the indication. Patients with impaired renal function or the dose should be reduced by a factor of 2, or the interval between doses must be increased in two times. Clarithromycin cost Maximum daily dose: Adults - 2 g, for children - 1 city The problem of preservation of the intestinal microflora during therapy with clarithromycin Antibiotic therapy, including clarithromycin, often leads to disruption microecology gastrointestinal tract. One reason is the incomplete absorption of drugs.
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