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Imodium a-d commercial

Pharmacokinetics. Imodium a-d commercial Found that Imodium® lingual tabletkybioekvivalentni conventional capsules "Imodium". Loperamide hydrochloride lehkoabsorbuyetsya from the gut, but is almost entirely retained in its wall tametabolizuyetsya before they get into the system circulation. Nayvazh-lyvishoyumetabolichnoyu reaction is oxidative N-demethylation. Loperamide mainly excreted in the faeces in sechipreparat not found. Approximately 95% of the dose loperamide bound to plasma proteins, primarily albumin. The half-life in humans average dorivnyuye10,8 hours. (9 - 14 h.). Research division in rats showed znachnusporidnenist with the wall of the gut in the preferred binding to retseptoramypozdovzhnoho layer of muscle membranes. Bold is mainly zkalom.   Indications zastosuvannya.Imodium® lingual tabletkypryznacheni for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea. Imodium a-d commercial In patientsdisturbed ileostomoyu it can be used to reduce the frequency and obsyahuvyporozhnennya and to provide a solid stool consistency.   Dosage tadozy. Imodium® lingual tablets kladutna tongue for a few seconds tablet decomposes, then yiyikovtayut of saliva without drinking water. In order to get the tablet blister should: - Drag the edge of the foil and completely znyatyyiyi of the cell in which the tablet; - Gently press the bottom of vytyahtytabletku and packaging. Since instant tabletkydosyt fragile, they should not push through the foil to prevent their deterioration. Imodium a-d commercial After opening the package tabletkystayut sensitive to moisture. At high relative moisture mozhutnabuhaty tablets, this process is accelerated at high temperature. Tablets schozalyshylys open the package after 6 weeks of storage, use not recommended.

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